An Alternative Host can be set to lead your weekly discussion group when you are unable to. Please follow the directions below to set up your Alternative Host:

Note: Every Online Group Leader must set up an Alternative Host. When selecting a ‘Buddy’, the coverage does not go both ways. Being a ‘Buddy’ for someone does not necessarily mean that they will be able to be your Alternative Host.

  1. Log in to your BSF Online account
  2. Go to the My Group Settings page under the menu, My Group > My Group Settings
  3. At the bottom of the page, select the blue ‘Find a Buddy’ button to browse the weekly discussion days and times of your fellow Online Group Leaders to see which work with your schedule
  4. On the Find a Buddy page, select the ‘+’ on the far right in the row of the Online Group Leader to email or chat with the Online Group Leader you would like to ask to be ‘Buddies’ or Alternative Hosts with
  5. Go back to the My Group Settings page
  6. Use the dropdown field to select the Online Group Leader you have coordinated with to be your Alternative Host
  7. Press ‘Save Changes’!
  8. The will “push” your Alternative Host information to the website, so there are no updates needed to your weekly discussion group meeting there


After you have set up an Alternative Host, you will have a green circle that appears next to your name on the My Training page.


You will need to share your Zoom meeting link (via email or WhatsApp) with your Alternative Host for them to be able to access your meeting, start and host it. This functionality is planned to be incorporated into the BSF Online website in the future. Your Zoom meeting link may be found on your account under the 'Meetings' tab.


Please read the following article for information on your Zoom meeting link for your weekly discussion group vs your Zoom Personal Meeting ID (PMI): Zoom Meeting Link vs PMI