When an Online Trainer sets up their Online Leaders Meeting on their Leaders Meeting Settings page, or an Online Group Leader sets up their Online Discussion Group on their My Group Settings page on bsfonline.org – this information is automatically pushed to the https://zoom.us website.


A Scheduled Meeting is created under your BSF Online Zoom account on https://zoom.us from what you input into the bsfonline.org website. When a leader selects their ‘Start Meeting’ button, this triggers the Scheduled Meeting to begin in Zoom. Note this Scheduled Meeting is different than using your Personal Meeting ID (PMI).


The Scheduled Meetings are set up as a recurring meeting that meets weekly. Recurring meetings in Zoom are set up with a unique meeting link and ID which provides additional security in not using your regular Zoom Meeting ID.


Please read this Zoom Support article for more information on your PMI: Using your Personal Meeting ID


For more information on Scheduled Meetings vs using your PMI, please see this article from Zoom Support: Meet Now vs Scheduled Meetings