When you select “Save Changes” on your ‘My Group Settings’ page (OGLs), or your ‘Leaders Meeting Settings’ page (OTs), a Zoom recurring meeting will be automatically set up for your Online Discussion Group or Online Leaders Meeting. This includes a passcode protected Meeting Link and Meeting ID/Passcode which you can find in your Zoom.us account or while you are in your meeting:


View Meeting Information in Zoom.us

  1. Sign in to zoom.us
  2. Navigate to the Meetings tab on the left-hand side of the screen
  3. Hover over the first recurring meeting listed, which should be named something like “BSF Group Discussion Meeting for OGXXXXX” or “BSF Group Discussion Meeting for OCXXXXX”, until you see the ‘Edit’ option
  4. Select ‘Edit’
  5. Select ‘Edit All Occurrences’
  6. Scroll down on the page to the Security section
  7. Under Security is where the Passcode is listed - DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PASSCODE
    1. Note that your Passcode is the numerical part of your Group Number* (excluding the OG) for OGLs or your Class Number** (excluding the OC) for OTs
    2. Your Passcode is set automatically and embedded in the Meeting Link that is “behind” the Start Meeting button on bsfonline.org
    3. If you change your Passcode on zoom.us, bsfonline.org will not recognize the change and your Start Meeting button will not work


View Meeting Information during Meeting

  1. Select ‘Start Meeting’ on bsfonline.org to begin your meeting
  2. Go to the upper-left corner of the meeting screen and select the little green shield
  3. Then you will see your Meeting ID, Passcode and unique recurring Meeting Link
  4. From this pop-up window you can copy your Meeting Link to share if OGLs or members are having trouble joining from bsfonline.org; note the passcode is embedded in this link


*Where can I find my Group Number?

Your Group Number is found on the ‘My Group’ page on bsfonline.org above your Group Name.


**Where can I find my Class (OLM) Number?

Your Class Number is found on the ‘My Training’ page on bsfonline.org above your Leaders Meeting Name.


When do I need my Passcode?

You do not need it! Your members and OGLs should be joining your Online Discussion Groups and Online Leaders Meetings through their Join Meeting buttons on bsfonline.org. If for some reason they cannot, please provide them with the Zoom Meeting Link which has the Passcode embedded in it and reach out to the Support Desk. See this article for more information: Leader - Zoom Meeting Link vs PMI


What if I need to change my Meeting Link or Passcode for security purposes?

Please see the Leader - Zoom Safeguards article for help in resetting your Zoom recurring link. Your Passcode will remain the same, but your Meeting Link will be completely new.