We have almost completed our first year in the new BSF Online website. Below is guidance for “end-of-the-study” transitions. For additional help, review our Support Articles or submit a ticket with our friendly Support Agents by clicking the “Need Help?” button on any page in the website. 

For Members

See the Support article here: Members - End of Genesis Study

For Leaders: Replace or Release

God calls leaders in and He calls them out at just the right time. OTs and AOTs work closely with their OGLs to identify a replacement leader for the group. Sometimes, there is no replacement. In that case, the group members are released to choose a new group for the next study. What a great opportunity to learn from and be encouraged by a new group of people from all over the world!


Important things to Know:

  • During this process, the group is made “Private” so no new member can join until the replacement is found. 
  • The OGL communicates their plans and introduces their replacement to the group before the end of the Genesis study.
  • There must be a leader on a group in order for that group to remain active in the database. Do not remove the OGL until you have a replacement or until you have released the members.

Replace Group Leader

  • OTs and AOTs follow the process in the “Identifying and Onboarding OGLs” guide. This guide is located in the BSF Online Additional Resources DropBox.

Release Group

  • Any group without a replacement leader belong to the OT and AOT as the shepherds of the online class.
  • You may release the group at any time.
  • We recommend that you do not hold groups past July 1st so that members can choose a new group before the Matthew study.
  • Please notify group members before removing them from the group.


OTs and AOTs

There are a few replacements and a few new OTs and AOTs. OAP work with our BSF Online Admin, Wendy Jordan to make these transitions. OAP email wendy.jordan@bsfinternational.org with names, emails and a description of the transition.