The Assistant Online Trainer (AOT) must first become the Online Group Leader (OGL) role in the system. Then the Online Area Personnel (OAP) will work with the Online Trainer (OT) to interview the new AOT and convert them to the AOT role. If the AOT is not already in the application process or an existing OGL, please see these articles first:

  1. OAP/OT - Recommend an Assistant Online Trainer
  2. AOT - Application Process


OAP/OT approves the AOT candidate as an OGL (if already an OGL, skip to the next section)

  1. Login to your OT account at
  2. Select ‘Leaders Management’ under the Navigation menu, Management > Leaders Management
  3. View the candidate’s application and their recommendation form by selecting the ‘View Application’ button
  4. The application is listed first, followed by the recommendation form at the bottom of the page
  5. After the OAP has completed the interview or meet and greet with the candidate, enter in the notes from the interview under ‘View Application’. Notes are required when ready to ‘Approve’ or ‘Not Approve’ the candidate
  6. Select ‘Save Changes’
  7. Select ‘Close’ to return to the ‘Leaders Management’ page
  8. Reminder: You must submit your interview notes before you can update the candidate’s status to ‘Approve’ or ‘Not Approve’. Interview comments can be updated later if the process is not finalized yet
  9. Select ‘Approve’ or ‘Not Approve’ and confirm your selection in the next prompt
  10. If the candidate has been approved, you may now view their profile information under the My Training page where the AOT candidate is shown as an OGL


OAP converts the AOT candidate from an OGL to an AOT 

  1. The AOT must be placed as an OGL in the Online Leaders Meeting (OLM) that they will lead. If they are not, have them follow the steps in this article to switch to the correct OLM: OGL - Change your Online Leaders Meeting
  2. The OAP will now complete the interview (if not completed already) 
  3. If AOT is ready to take on this role-meaning their replacement OGL is in place and they are in the correct OLM-then OAP change their role to AOT
  4. OAP also submit the OAP_OT_AOT Change Request Form to BSF Headquarters to trigger the invitation to MyBSF Learning; please allow 2 weeks for this to be processed