Online Trainers (OTs) can have their Assistant Online Trainer(s) (AOTs) join the Online Leaders Meeting (OLM) as a Co-Host. Here is how!


  1. AOT logs in to
  2. Navigate to the My Calendar page by selecting the ‘My Calendar’ button in the upper right-hand corner of
  3. In the Blue Leaders Meeting box (NOT the Blue Leaders Meeting AOT box**), select the dark blue ‘Host Meeting’ button
  4. If the OT started the OLM before the AOT joined, the AOT will see the options in the second screenshot below to Reclaim Host or to Stay Co-Host
  5. If the OT did not start the OLM before the AOT joined, the AOT will automatically be the Host and the OT will see the second screenshot below
  6. Select the Stay Co-Host option


**Note: Please read how to use the ‘Leaders Meeting AOT’ Leader Group in this Support article: OT/AOT - Leaders Group Management


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