WordGo now provides the option for Group Guides to archive their group. To archive a group, follow the steps below.

1. Profile Area

Head to your Profile Area by tapping the bottom righthand icon in the app.

If you are a part of multiple groups, make sure the group you'd like to archive is active. You'll know this by its placement along the top of your screen (top left) and the settings cog displayed on the top righthand side of the group's corresponding circle. Tap the group.

2. Group Settings

The pop-up below will display. Tap Group Settings.

There will be a few options to choose from. Tap Archive this Group.

On the next page, a description will display. Tap Archive this Group and then confirm.

3. Restore Group

Once you've selected to archive one of your groups, you'll see an Archived section along the top right of your Groups area. To restore your group, tap Archived.

Then tap the group you'd like to restore.

Tap Restore at the top right which will automatically take you to the Course Library to choose a new study for your group. 

If you would rather wait to choose a new course at a later date, simply select the back arrow (<) next to the course library and your group will continue to show your previous study.