WordGo is built with you in mind. It is fully customizable to suit your schedule, and you can choose which days you'd like to study and how long you wish to study for each day.

1. Your Profile

Navigate to your Profile which can be found by tapping the icon at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. 

2. Study Preferences

Next tap on Study Preferences.


Here you will see a summary of your personal study schedule.  

3. Change Study Settings

Tap Change Study Settings to review or alter how long you'd like to study for:

The time at which you'd like to study:

The days of the week:

And finally, whether or not you want to set an allotted time to pray before before beginning your study:

Note: the settings you choose will affect the amount of study material you receive each day. If you do not see all of the study questions, change your preferences so that the time is set for the maximum (15-30 minutes) and all days are selected. 

On the last page, there will be a summary of your preferences. Tap Confirm, and your settings will save.

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