If you've already created a group but would like to add additional members, we've made it simple to do so.

1. Group Details 

Tap the Group Details icon near the bottom left of your home screen. 

2. Add Members

You'll see the headings Members, Details, Course and Notes. Make sure you're in the Members section and then tap Add Members.  

Type the Name and Email of each person you'd like to invite. Tap Add Member.

3. Send Invites

Each of your invitees will be listed under Invites to Send. When you're ready to send your invitation(s), tap Send Invites.

Tell your members to look out for an invitation email. 

Your members can create an account and join your group by following the instructions in this article > 

If they already have an account, they can join your group by following the instructions here >

If you have any further questions please raise a ticket here to contact a customer support agent >