If you have multiple solo studies and/or are part of groups in addition to personal studies, we've made it simple to change the name of your personal profile(s).

1. Your Profile

Navigate to your Profile by tapping the icon at the bottom right hand corner of the app. 

The default name for a solo study is Personal. If you have more than one active course, the app will assign the names Personal 2, Personal 3, etc. Make sure the profile you'd like to change is active. This will be indicated by its location at the top of your profile (far left) and the settings cog attached at the top right hand corner of each circle. Tap the circle.

2. Settings

The pop-up below will display. Tap Your Settings.

There will be two options to choose from. Tap Change the name of your personal profile.

3. Change Name

On this page, you can type in a new name. When you're ready, tap Change Name, and the new name will save.