Once you've created your account, you can begin the group setup process at any time by choosing a course. 

1. Profile

Navigate to your Profile by tapping the icon at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

2. Tap 'Start a new course' Circle

If you already have multiple profiles and groups, you will need to swipe along the top so that the dotted circle with Start a new course underneath displays. Tap this circle.

3. Choose Course

The app will then take you to the Course Library. Tap the course you'd like to study and when asked whether you would like to study With friends or On your own, select With friends

*Please note that at this stage, if you opt to study on your own, you cannot decide to add members later. You must start a new course With friends. 

4. Choose First Week Mode

After selecting With friends you will then see two options: Get to know each other or Get straight into the course.

Option 1 leads to an Intro-Gathering. Click here for instructions on how to lead an Intro-Gathering >

To get straight into the course, follow the steps below: 

5. Set Gathering Details

If you choose to Get straight into the course, the app will lead you through the remaining steps to setting up your group.

From here you will decide whether to gather in-person, online or a mixture of both.  

Whichever option you choose will lead you to then select a series of details, including date, time and frequency of your gatherings. When finished, tap Save.

6. Add Members

The last step is to invite your group. 

Type the Name and Email of each person you'd like to invite. If you'd like to skip this step for now, tap Skip Adding Members.

Check out this article if you've created your group and need to add members > 

That's it! You've created an account and are ready to start studying with your friends.