As a Group Guide, you can select a new course for your group once you've completed one or in the middle of your schedule.

If you've just created an account and need assistance starting your first course, check out this article >

1. Group Details

First navigate to Group Details which is the icon second from the left at the bottom of your screen.  

If you do not see this icon it is because you are in one of your personal studies. Make sure you switch to the correct group profile.

To learn how to switch between studies, click here >

2. Course

Then from the top menu bar, tap Course. 

Scroll all the way to the bottom and tap View Course Library.  

3. Browse Library

Here you will be able to scroll through all of our available studies. 

4. Choose Course

Tap into a course, and there will be an overview. Tap Preview to browse the entire course content. If you're ready to begin, tap Start Course or tap the back arrow to go back to the library to find a different course.

You will have the option to change meeting details for your group at this point, or you can simply select Confirm. You can also opt to skip or send notifications to your group members about the new course you will be studying.

If you need further assistance please raise a ticket here to contact a WordGo support agent > 

For guidance on selecting a study as a solo user, click here >