Our team has just released a new 'Mark as Complete' feature for the app. This gives users the ability to 'check off' each completed day of their study.

1. Find your Study

First navigate to the Study area (bottom left icon) and that day's Preview will appear. 

Tap the box to open that day's material.

2. What's Changed: Mark as Complete

There are a number of design changes we've added to implement this new feature.

a. Scripture

First, you'll notice at the bottom of the first tab there will be an option to either move on to your questions, or Mark this Day as Complete.

b. Questions

Check mark appears when completed. 

c. Notes

There will also be an option to mark your day done at the bottom of the Notes section. 

d. Check Mark

Finally, at the top right hand corner of each Study tab there will be a check mark. Tap this at any time to complete your day, or if you're not ready, tap Not Just Yet.

3. Unmark your Day

To unmark your day/set it as incomplete, simply tap either the check mark or This Day is Marked as Complete and your day will reset as incomplete.