As a digital app, WordGo provides support as a teaching tool mostly compatible through smartphones, and we cannot guarantee functionality on other platforms, including iPads and tablets. The course content is available to preview via a computer on our website, but you must download the app on a smartphone to access the full studies on your own or with a group.

Additionally, at this stage WordGo studies are not available for download via laptop or computer. For this reason, users are not able to print the material as a PDF or Word document.

To provide some background, WordGo was envisioned to be a growth mechanism out of Word in the City, an upgraded version of Bible Study Fellowship's Young Adult class. Because the originally intended audience for WordGo was a digital one there is currently no provision to print the notes and/or questions. The BSF app which you can download here on iPhone and here on Android does allow you to print to serve its primary audience.  

If you are the Group Guide you can view all questions in one place by following the instructions in the article here: See All Questions for the Week in One Place