Because BSF Online is global, it is important that your time zone setting is correct. When initially creating your account, the website auto populates your time zone setting in the time zone field. Please confirm the suggested time zone is correct. To confirm what time zone you are in, enter your city/state/province/country into this world clock.


Your time zone setting may be found under the menu, Account > Edit Profile and it can be updated at any time. 


Once your time zone is in your profile, the website does the conversion for you. When you look at any time listed on this website, the times will be converted to YOUR time zone.  


Auto detect: The website uses the auto detect time zone feature when you first create your account. Also, every time you sign in to your BSF Online account the website identifies your current time zone. If your current time zone differs from your time zone setting, the website will display a prompt to update your profile. Select ‘OK’ on the prompt and then go to the menu, Account > Edit Profile to adjust your time zone setting if necessary. 

Time zone field: The time zone field can be pretty tricky to update. Click in the field and use your right arrow key, or slide your finger right on your touch screen, to see more of the field's contents. The simplest way to change your time zone field is: 

  • Click in the field and highlight all of the contents - then delete
  • Type in your state or city or time zone (e.g. CDT)
  • Note: When Daylight Saving Time is occurring, there are no 'standard' times (e.g. not Eastern Standard Time, EST, but Eastern Daylight Time, EDT)


To find out how Daylight Saving Time might affect your group meeting time, read the article here: Daylight Saving Time impact on Online Meetings