The BSF Online website supports the following languages: English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. You may change your Display Language on the website in the following ways:


Temporary change: Use the language buttons at the bottom of the web pages. This method will not last because the website will default to your Display Language setting under your account settings when you login. 

Permanent change: Go to your account settings under the Navigation menu, Account > Account Settings. On this page change your Display Language to English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, or Simplified Chinese. Do not forget to select ‘Save’! Now every time you login, the website will be in your chosen Display Language. 

Note, your Display Language selection will determine the written language of your Lesson Questions and Notes. BSF Online currently provides lesson materials in English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. If your Display Language is anything other than these, you will receive the default English lesson materials.

Not seeing the materials change?

After making your language selection, the website needs some time to "adapt" to the new language settings. Please try the following:

  • Click back and forth between different lesson pages to make the English (audio or written) files ‘disappear’ and allow time for the desired language files to populate on the page
  • Logout and login again
  • Wait 5 to 10 minutes for all the lesson pages to be fully updated to the desired language