For the time zones that participate in Daylight Saving Time (DST - also Daylight Savings Time or Daylight Time) in the United States and Canada, or Summer Time in the United Kingdom, European Union and others, the BSF Online website will reflect the Daylight Saving and Summer Time during the months that it is occurring. Please refer to for more information and for specifics of when (and if) DST is observed in a given location.

Please keep in mind that the location (time zone) of the Online Leader determines the meeting time of the group. For example, if the Online Leader observes Daylight Saving, the meeting time may change when Daylight Saving stops and starts. The Online Leader will communicate any changes in time as they occur.

Did you know?

  • Fewer than 40% of the world's countries observe Daylight Saving Time, according to
  • Benjamin Franklin is credited for inventing not only bifocals, but also the idea for Daylight Saving Time, even though it was not implemented until more than a century later.
  • It is reported that pets feel the effects of Daylight Saving Time! They notice the difference in their owners’ schedules when they wake up earlier or later and set out their foods at a different time.
  • More information and interesting facts may be found here: Daylight saving time: When we change our clocks and why