How do I know if I am a part of Bible Study Fellowship Online? BSF Online has five distinctives:


BSF Online always meets online. Leaders meetings and Discussion Groups meet online for the entire study year. Leaders are trained specifically on how to lead online, and meetings are structured for online engagement.


BSF Online offers a flexible schedule. Leaders choose an online Leaders Meeting, and members choose a group based on their personal schedule. Fun Fact: There are 154 Online Leaders Meetings and over 2,304 Discussion Groups in BSF Online.


BSF Online groups are global. A local class reaches members from across their community, city, and county.  A BSF Online group reaches across time zones and locations around the world. Members from Florida to Fiji to France can attend the same group! Fun Fact: Online Members and leaders represent 179 different countries and 21 different languages!


BSF Online is for adults 18 years and up. Local BSF classes offer Preschool and Student programs that serve over 50,000 children worldwide!


Local BSF classes usually meet at a host church location. There are various meeting options now available to local classes including online groups. The following links provide additional information on how to find a local class near you, and the different local class offerings. Please contact the class through the class page with any questions about the local offerings for that class.



We hope and pray this brings clarity around BSF Online. We are ALL BSF. Our prayer is for leaders and members to determine which BSF option works best for them. We are grateful for the options available for people to love and serve one another in Bible study community, whether meeting onsite, online, or a mix of the two.