BSF Online offers the flexibility to change your Online Leaders Meeting (OLM) when your life changes. If you need to switch to a new OLM Class:


  1. Go to ‘Find or Switch OLM’ on the Navigation menu, Community > Find or Switch OLM
  2. Read the prompt and select ‘Agree’ confirming that you will update your Leadership Application as necessary for your new Online Trainer (OT)
  3. ‘Request an Online Leaders Meeting’ by selecting the blue button
  4. Choose your new OLM from the options listed by selecting the arrow under the ‘Join’ column
  5. Confirm your change of OLM by selecting ‘Request to Join’ on the confirmation pop up box
  6. The OT for the OLM you have requested will contact you soon with further instructions on next steps
  7. Immediately after making your new OLM selection, update/review your Leadership Application by selecting the blue “Update Application” button
  8. Please note that you will not be moved to your new OLM on the website until you are approved by your new OT; your ‘My Training’ page will still show your previous OLM until that time


Please communicate with your OT when switching OLMs so they are aware you are switching classes.  


What if I selected my new OLM before I made updates to my Leadership Application?

That is okay! You may review and update (if necessary) your Leadership Application at anytime before your new OT approves it by going to ‘Apply & Recommend’ on the Navigation menu, Account > Apply & Recommend. Once your OT approves your Leadership Application, it is finalized until the next time you switch OLMs.