• From the sign in page, log in to your account
  • Go to the My Training page by selecting the ‘My Training’ button in the upper right-hand corner of the home page


On the My Training page you will find your class name, Online Leaders Meeting (OLM) time, fellow Online Group Leaders (OGL) and your Online Trainer (OT) and Assistant Online Trainer’s (AOT) information.


Select the down arrow under each OGL’s picture to learn more about them and interact with them by email or chat. Your OT’s information is in the light blue box to the right of the class information at the top of the page, and your AOT’s information is in the white box just below the OT.


The Join Meeting link will bring you to your Online Leaders Meeting in Zoom when it is time to meet with your class. Under the Join Meeting Link is the Leader Group Discussion Link.


When it is time to split into the two Leader Groups during your OLM, those who are being led by the AOT will click the Leader Group Discussion link to leave the OLM Zoom meeting and join the AOT’s Zoom meeting. On the ‘My Training’ page, those who will be led by the OT are shown in the blue shaded section and those who will be led by the AOT in the white section.