1. After the potential leader has selected your Online Leaders Meeting, login to your account at bsfonline.org
  2. Select ‘Leaders Management’ under the Navigation menu, Management > Leaders Management
  3. View the candidate’s application and their recommendation form by selecting the ‘View Application’ button
  4. The application is listed first, followed by the recommendation form at the bottom of the page
  5. After you have completed the interview with the candidate, enter in your notes from the interview under ‘View Application’; Notes are required when ready to update the status of the Application
  6. Select ‘Save Changes’
  7. Select ‘Close’ to return to the ‘Leaders Management’ page
  8. Reminder: You must submit your interview notes before you can update the candidate’s status to ‘Approve’ or ‘BSF Withdraw.' If the application is withdrawn, the information is no longer accessible and a new recommendation and application is required. 
  9. Select ‘Approve’ or ‘BSF Withdraw’ and confirm your selection in the next prompt
  10. If the candidate has been approved, you may now view their profile information under the My Training page


Important! What if I received an email notification that an OGL selected my OLM but I cannot see their application on the Leaders Management page?

Please note that OGLs can change their mind and select a different OLM. This could be why you can no longer find their information.