Important! If you are a leader, please see the instructions for updating your BSF Online Zoom Pro license to match your new email address in the What if I need to change my email address for BSF Online? section of the Leader - Set up your Zoom License article.  


Your email address is used to login to your BSF Online account as well as a means of being contacted by your Online Group Members, Online Group Leader, Assistant Online Trainer and Online Trainer.


To update your email address associated with your BSF Online account, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login with your current email address
  2. Go to your account settings under the Navigation menu, Account > Account Settings
  3. Enter your new email address into the ‘New Email*’ field
  4. Do not forget to select ‘Save’!


Moving forward, please use your new email address to login to your BSF Online account. Please notify your Online Group Leader, Assistant Online Trainer, and Online Trainer (as applicable) of your change in email address.