• BSF’s review of the changes to WhatsApp will not impact the privacy or data-sharing of messages or calls among BSF’s members.
  • There is no impact to the privacy of personal messages between BSF members and groups. These messages and calls remain end-to-end encrypted.   


 WhatsApp privacy specific steps users can take:

  1. Limit who can see information about your profile. Select Settings > Account > Privacy 
  2. Enable Two-step verification of your account, which requires a user-generated PIN when registering your phone with WhatsApp and may prevent hackers from gaining access. Select Settings > Account > Two-step verification 
  3. Turn off “Save to Camera Roll” to prevent photos and videos from automatically downloading to your phone. Select Settings > Chats 
  4. Refrain from clicking on a link from a number that you do not know. 
  5. Refrain from sharing sensitive information over a messaging application.


Please note that users can completely opt out of using WhatsApp and still participate in the study. For steps on how to opt out of the WhatsApp communication, see this article: BSF Online Contact Information Opt Out