Important! The following instructions are ONLY to remove Online Group Leaders (OGLs) from an Online Leaders Meeting (OLM) that meet the following qualifications:

  • They do not have a group attached to them
  • If they do have a group attached to them, the group is both: 
    • Empty* and
    • Set to Private under the My Group Settings page


*If an OGL is removed before transferring their group to a new leader, a Leaderless Group will be created in the system and a Support Desk ticket would need to be submitted for its removal.

  1. From the home page, login to your account
  2. Select ‘Users Management’ under the Navigation menu, Management > Users Management
  3. For a faster search by the system, use the ‘Keyword Search’ with the individual’s name or email
  4. Select ‘Apply Filters’ to search
  5. Select the ‘+’ button corresponding to the individual that you would like to remove from your OLM
  6. On the OGL’s profile summary page, change their User Position from ‘Online Group Leader’ to ‘Online Member’

            Note: They must be switched to the ‘Online Member’ position, NOT ‘Online Group Member’

  1. Select ‘Save Changes’ directly under the User Position dropdown
  2. Verify that the OGL is removed from your OLM by navigating back to the ‘My Training’ page


Remember, these instructions are ONLY for OGLs who meet the requirements as listed in the Important! section above. If you need assistance, please submit a Support Desk ticket through the gold ‘Need help?’ button on the bottom of the website.