This article will be updated periodically with notes related to recent updates to the website. 

9/23/2021 Fixes

  • Leadership changes
  • Resource uploads
  • Solution for Safari browser during account creation; Gender field selection error

9/16/2021 Fixes

  • Leaders’ direct visibility of member email addresses
  • Join Zoom meeting inconsistencies (e.g., OAP joining OLMs, OTs joining Online Group meetings)
  • Move Attributes of God from Helps & Resources to Lessons/Extras

9/9/2021 Updates

  • Leadership changes
  • Resource uploads
  • Lesson Material changes (Home Training Lessons and Attributes of God file)

9/2/2021 Updates 

  • Leadership changes
  • Resource uploads

8/26/2021 3.3 Release


  • Adding a second Online Group Leader to an Online Group (OGL replacement process)
  • New Online Trainers creating and setting up their Online Leaders Meetings


  • Admin functionality
  • Lesson schedule specific to the user
  • System email clarifications and corrections
  • Leadership changes

8/5/2021 Resources Update

  • Digital Lesson Book – downloadable from Member Material under Helps & Resources
  • Additional Leader Materials for Matthew (under Helps & Resources)