This article will be updated periodically with notes related to recent updates to the website. 

7/13/2023 Deployment

  • New meeting links for ODGs and OLMs for the John study
  • John's materials are uploaded
  • John's calendar is uploaded
  • The website is ready for John study

1/26/2023 Fixes

  • Updates for website security and functionality
  • Fix for Leader Zoom Poll filter
  • Fix for Leader Zoom Poll copy option
  • Fix for Password Update Issue: Account Settings > Password

11/17/2022 Fixes 

  • Fix for Zoom Poll creation
  • Fix for My Lessons page Lecture Podcast 'Quick Link' broken
  • Fix for attendance being pre-recorded and/or un-editable
  • Fix for attendance not saving

11/7/2022 Emergent Fix

  • Fix for starting Online Leaders Meetings and Online Group Discussions on the BSF Online website

11/3/2022 Emergent Fix

  • Fix for the BSF Online Helps & Resources' continual loading

11/3/2022 Fixes 

  • Fix for a unique user login (500 Error)
  • Fix for OAP searching and locating users under Apply & Recommend for Leadership
  • Fix for BSF Online Alert Notifications visibility on mobile devices
  • Fix for bulk download of files from the BSFO Helps & Resources (file names were gibberish)

10/30/2022 Emergent Fix

  • Fix for downloading files from the BSF Online Helps & Resources

10/27/2022 Fixes 

  • Fix for downloading Lectures on Apple iPhones
  • Fix for Online Class Staff (OT/AOT) Online Leaders Meeting Notifications 
  • Fix for website timeout logout