In partnership with our Authorized Distributor Gulf Printing, Bible Study Fellowship offers its members Lesson Books for the current study. The nominal cost at checkout covers production and shipping. BSF receives no proceeds from the purchase of these items.


To access the store, you must be a registered member with your group/class. Please contact your leader or Class Administrator if you have questions on this.

  • Login to your BSF account to view the store:
    • users will see the ‘BSF Store’ button immediately on the left-hand side of the webpage (you may need to scroll down)
    • users will see the ‘BSF Store’ button on their My Lessons page on the left-hand side
  • Please note that you will receive a confirmation email from Gulf Printing when your order ships


Do you have a customer service request? Please contact Gulf Printing, not BSF, who will handle these specific order questions. 


***Any inquiries regarding books, T-shirts, shipping, and returns may be addressed by emailing:


Remember that the BSF Store is an additional option for members that desire printed study material. As in the previous study years, members will continue to have free access to digital, downloadable, and printable lesson material. Individual lessons and a file with the full study will be available to members through the website. Additionally, all study materials will be free for access in the BSF App.