This helps to make your account you! Please follow the directions below to upload a photo to your profile: 

  1. Make sure your photo is a JPEG file less than 100MB
  2. Save the photo to a location on your device where it will be easy to locate
  3. Login to your account
  4. Go to your profile under the Navigation menu, Account > Edit Profile
  5. On the Edit Profile page, you will see something like the screenshot below
  6. Select 'Select File' and then navigate to the location on your device where you saved your photo
  7. Select your photo
  8. Be sure to press Save at the bottom of the Edit Profile page!

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If you are still having trouble uploading your picture, please try an Incognito or Private browser following the directions below depending on your Internet browser of choice: 


Incognito Mode in Chrome or Private Mode in Safari or Private Browsing in FireFox or InPrivate in Microsoft Edge. This type of private viewing utilizes a temporary folder for history, downloads, cache, and cookies. This data gets deleted when the window is closed thus allowing you to view the latest website updates (cache-cleared browsing) upon launching a new Incognito window.