If one of the participants needs to dial into the weekly meeting, please follow the instructions below as the Host of the meeting, after the meeting has begun.


Important! The Meeting ID *CHANGES* each meeting, so make sure you start the meeting through the website and note the Meeting ID on a weekly basis, if needed for participants

  1. Login to your account at bsfonline.org
  2. Start the meeting using the ‘Start Meeting’ button
  3. On the Zoom meeting screen, select the ‘Switch to Phone Audio’ option under the Microphone icon (see first screenshot below)
  4. Select the Country that the participant will be calling in from in the ‘Country/Region’ dropdown (see the second screenshot below)
  5. Write down one of the phone numbers on the list
  6. Write down the Meeting ID
  7. Select the ‘X’ or close button for the audio conference options screen
  8. Send both the phone number and Meeting ID to the participant (e.g. via WhatsApp)
  9. Instruct the participant to call the phone number and enter the Meeting ID when prompted; they will also be asked for a Participant ID – input the # symbol instead of the Participant ID number shown
  10. If you do not have a mute button such as smartphones have, you can enter *6 to mute or unmute yourself 


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