To provide a more engaging experience, Online Trainers (OTs) and Assistant Online Trainers (AOTs) can assign OGLs to Leaders Groups for shepherding, training, and interactive lesson discussions.   OTs and AOTs decide to maintain these Leader Groups for a month, a semester, or a whole year in order to lead and shepherd their OGLs well.   

Prior to the OLM, the OT and AOTs access the ‘Leader Group Management’ page from the Navigation Menu. Please note that OGLs will automatically appear in the OT’s Leader Group unless assigned to a different Leader Group. 

Step 1:  Add Leader Group 

a. OT adds a Leader Group and assigns an AOT as the leader of that group. 

b. OT can name the Leader Group or use the Default Name. 

Step 2:  Once Leader Group is added, OT or AOT can assign OGLs into the group. 

c. Use a mouse or finger to Drag and Drop OGLs into the designated Leader Group 

Step 3:  AOTs can start their own Leader Group meetings and OGLs can join these meetings using the buttons on My Training page. 

a. The AOT(s) and OGLs leaving to join the other Leader Group will be asked to confirm to ‘Join new meeting?’ Select ‘Leave & Join’ 

b. The OT and the OGLs in the OT Leader Group remain in the original OLM

c. AOTs and OGLs can rejoin the OLM Zoom meeting by selecting the “Join Meeting” button on the ‘My Training’ page 

OTs and AOTs collaborate on the timing and use of Leader Groups during the OLM. 

Note: By design, OT Leader's Group is the title of the default zoom and is not editable. Only the AOT Leader Discussion Groups can be renamed/deleted.  (One for each AOT in the OLM).

If the AOT is moving to a different role (for example, OM, OT), here are steps to first delete their Leader Group:

1. Go to Leader Group Management and click Manage People in Leader Group

2. Move all people out of the AOT's Leader Group and Save Changes; Click Cancel and Back

3. Click Leader Group Settings, Continue, Click the AOT's Leader Group, Continue

4. Click Delete Leader Group, Click Yes