In the BSF Online November 2023 release, the following changes were made: 


My Training page reorganized 

  1. Class Staff and leaders now see all OTs and AOTs displayed on the top of the page.  
  2. OGLs are organized into Leader Groups with an OT or AOT as their Leader Group leader.  (Not seeing Leader Groups? OTs need to add and assign using the Leader Group Management instructions later in this article.) 
  3. The Leader Group meeting link enables leaders to break into smaller groups for Lesson Discussion, Leadership Development, or Prayer, while retaining useful Zoom tools.  
  4. The main OLM meeting link remains the same.  OT/AOTs and OGLs click the button at the top of the My Training page to enter the main OLM meeting.  


My Calendar page changes:

For tighter security around the OGL/OGM meeting links, these have been removed from the My Calendar page. OGLs use the Start Meeting and OGMs use the Join Meeting button at the top of the My Group page to lead and participate in the group meeting. 

OGLs may copy and share the Start Meeting link from My Group for any substitute leader.  If for some reason an OGM cannot join the group meeting with the Join meeting button on My Group page, please report this to Member Support.  In an emergency, an OGL may ask an OGM to copy and share the Join meeting link with the struggling group member. 

Leaders meeting links for OGLs have also been removed from My Calendar page.  OGLs click Join Meeting button at the top of the My Training page to attend their Leaders meeting each week.