BSF Online members' and leaders’ registration continues from study year to study year.    

Current members who want to continue for the next study can:  

Stay in their group OR 

Switch to another group after the last group meeting 


Current members who do not want to continue can: 

Remove themselves from the group OR 
The Online Group Leader can remove them after the last group meeting 

The Online Member’s account remains active and can be used to join a group in the future 


If you invite someone to join BSF Online, they have two options: 

  1. Join a group during the study year and finish the current study in that group (see above)  
  2. Wait to join until June 1 when all our groups have completed the current study and are ready to welcome new members.  

For additional help, review our Support Articles or submit a ticket with our friendly Support Agents by clicking the “Need Help?” button on any page on the website.