1. Start on the home page
  2. See the Helpful Hints! the section below this list before Creating an Account
  3. Select ‘Your Account’
  4. Select ‘Create an Account’
  5. Complete all the required fields noted by an ‘*’
  6. Check the box to accept the ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ of BSF International
  7. Select the blue ‘Send verification code’ button and check your email for a verification code to be sent to you
  8. Enter the verification code sent to your email address and select the blue "Verify code" button (request a new code to be sent if you do not see the email arrive within 20 minutes in your main inbox nor your spam folder by selecting ‘Send new code’)
  9. Enter your first name, last name, password, and confirm your password
  10. Select ‘Create’ at the bottom of the page
  11. Enter your gender, age, mobile phone number, and city
  12. Confirm your time zone
  13. Select the blue ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the page
  14. You may select ‘Sign Out’ at the bottom of the page if you want to exit and complete your account profile later
  15.  Set up Security Questions & Answers (You can skip until 9/30/2023 - steps 16 and 17 do not apply if you skip) and select "Save"
  16. After you received the screen message "Security Questions have been saved successfully" then select "Done"
  17. You can change the security settings under Account Settings.

Helpful Hints!


Email address: When filling out the email field, use a unique email address. For example, if you share your email address with your spouse, you cannot create separate BSF Online accounts using the same shared email address. Creating a new email address specifically for your BSF Online account can be helpful.


Password: It is required that your password to be at least ten characters long including at least one number and one of these special characters: @$!%*#?&. Make a note or save your password in a safe place.


Mobile Phone Number: The website will input your mobile phone country code for you based on the current country of residency you selected. Please confirm this is correct. If you are not familiar with your mobile phone number’s country code, please see this article for help: Mobile Phone Number Country Code. Note, it is not required that your contact information be shared with your group. After creating your account, please read this article for more information: Contact Information Opt Out


Time zone: It is critical to verify your time zone is set correctly. This is important as the website will convert and display the times based on your time zone setting. You will see the group meeting times in your time zone. On the Create an Account page, the website will auto-detect your time zone and set it for you. Please double-check this.


Profile or account information: If you need to update your profile at any time (such as upload a profile photo, change your name, time zone, or additional information) you may do so under the Navigation menu, Account > Edit Profile. If you need to update your email address or password you may do so under the Navigation menu, Account > Account Settings.


Change Display Language: To change your Display Language, after your account has been created go to the Navigation menu, Account > Account Settings, and change the Display Language field.