Note: The following instructions are for current BSF Online Leaders (OGLs, OTs and AOTs) to recommend Online Group Leaders through the website. In-person (or local) leaders should recommend Online Group Leaders by following the instructions provided in the February 2022 AP/Class Staff Bulletin.

  • Online Group Leaders (OGLs) can recommend their Online Group Members that they lead and Online Members (account holders)
  • Online Trainers and Assistant Online Trainers (OTs/AOTs) can recommend Online Group Members in their OGL’s groups and Online Members (account holders)
  • Online Area Personnel (OAP) can recommend Online Group Members in their OT’s groups and Online Members (account holders)


  1. Please make sure the individual you would like to recommend has created a BSF Online account here: Create BSF Online Account
  2. From the home page, login to your account
  3. Select ‘Apply & Recommend’ under the Navigation menu, Account > Apply & Recommend
  4. Scroll down to the bottom left-hand side of the page and select the blue ‘Recommendation Form’ button
  5. For a faster search by the system, use the ‘Keyword Search’ with the individual’s name or email
  6. Select ‘Apply Filters’ to search
  7. Select the ‘+’ button corresponding to the individual that you want to recommend
  8. Select ‘Yes’ that you would like to recommend this person
  9. Fill out the required fields as noted with an asterisk, *, and the rest of the fields to the best of your ability – you may need to ask the candidate for their information
  10. Select the box to acknowledge, “I've confirmed that all information entered is correct.”
  11. Select ‘Submit Recommendation’
  12. The OGL candidate will receive an email notification of their recommendation, which will direct them to to fill out their Leadership Application


As the recommending leader, you can follow the candidates that you recommend at the bottom of the ‘Apply & Recommend’ page under the ‘Recommendation History’ section. There you will see the candidate’s application status: ‘Recommended’, ‘Submitted’, ‘Reviewing’, ‘Approved’, ‘Not Approved’ and ‘Withdrawn’.

Helpful reference for OGL candidate: What Does a BSF Online Group Leader Do?