First, please read this article to learn the difference between BSF Online and an in-person BSF class: How is BSF Online different from an in-person BSF Class?


Thank you for reading the article in the link above! If you are looking to be locally connected to your community, please follow the steps below to find a group near you. (These are the same steps if you are simply looking to contact an in-person class.)


1. Navigate to BSF’s Find a Group page:

2. Enter in a City, Country or Zip / Postal Code to search for a BSF group nearest to you

        Note: You may have the best results with a more general search (e.g. using less of the filter options and focusing only on location and gender)

3. Browse the map and find a group that best meets your needs (location, Women’s, Men’s, Young Adult’s, Evening, Day, Children’s Program, etc)

4. Select the Request to Join button to begin your registration; the Class Administrator will receive your information and contact you with next steps

5. For more information regarding the class, select the ‘More Info’ button; this will take you to the class page

6. On the class page you have the option to:

  1. Request to Join this class
  2. Contact this class
  3. Give to this class

7. Select the Contact button to contact the class; the Class Administrator will receive your inquiry and respond to you shortly


If you decide you would like to be part of a globally connected group, please follow the instructions in this article to join BSF Online: Find a BSF Online Group