All leaders are allocated a Host License shortly after their role has been changed within the website from Online Member or Online Group Member to their Leadership role (Online Group Leader, Assistant Online Trainer, Online Trainer, Online Area Personnel, or Online Regional Director).


  1. Login to your account at
  2. Go to your profile under the Navigation menu, Account > 'Edit Profile'
  3. On the menu on the left, select the ‘Online Meeting License’ page


On the Online Meeting License page, you will see two meeting links (screenshot below) for scheduling appointments* outside of the Online Group and Online Leaders Meetings:


  1. Join BSF Appointment - Provide this link to the participant(s) you will be meeting with
  2. Host BSF Appointment - Use this link to Start your meeting and have host controls

        Note: These are DIFFERENT than your Online Group and Online Leaders Meeting links!


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Please find information about your Online Meeting Links (to Start your Online Group or Online Leaders Meeting) here: OGL - Member BSF Online Group Start/Join Links

Leader - BSF Online Leader's Meeting (OLM) Start/Join Links

*Information regarding what your Host License can and cannot be used for may be found here: Leader - BSF Online Host License Policy


What if I see “There is no Online Meeting License”?

  1. Select ‘Request a License’ Note: It may take up to 15 minutes for a Host License to be allocated
  2. After you receive your license, go back to your ‘My Group Settings’ (OGL) or ‘Leaders Meeting Settings’ (OT) page
  3. Review and confirm your settings
  4. Select SAVE CHANGES again! 
  5. Now your meeting link should be setup


Can I have a personal or work Zoom Pro license with the same email I use for BSF?


Yes! The Host License assigned to you by BSF should not interfere with the ability to purchase your own Zoom Pro license for work or personal use.


Will I need to login to anymore?


No! All that you need is on the BSF Online website, and you will not be able to login to a Zoom account on the website nor the Zoom desktop client.