Please follow the steps linked here: Known Issues under the section "General FAQs: Can't Login or having other errors?" With recent website changes, quite often a private viewing window resolves problems for members. 

If the private viewing window does resolve the problem, we suggest clearing the device's Internet browser site data (cache and cookies) by searching for "BSF" without the quotes. With so many recent changes to the website, we need to have the device 'forget'.  This has helped other members with similar problems.  Please be mindful that site data (cache and cookies) needs to be cleared for each browser and device.


If the above does not resolve your issue, can we ask you to send us a little more information to help us pinpoint what's happening?


  1. Results for each troubleshooting step in Known Issues under the section "General FAQs: Can't Login or having other errors?" 
  2. Device you are using
  3. The operating system on your device 
  4. Browser you are using
  5. Screenshot (or video) of each step of the issue