To know when solutions for website defects are implemented, please visit this Support article: BSF Online 3.X Updates

Attendance cannot be edited (Tracker #23646)

Several Online Group Leaders (OGLs) reported that they cannot edit certain Online Group Members' (OGM) attendance records. The workaround: Record the attendance manually.

Online Group Leaders receiving members past capacity (Tracker # 20005)

Several Online Group Leaders (OGLs) have received members into their Online Groups which causes the group to exceed their designated capacity. If this happens to you, please report the issue to the Support Team through the Need help? widget, and graciously welcome the new member(s) to your group. You may also change your group to 'Private' under the My Group Settings page to ensure your group is closed moving forward. 

Second AOT cannot view their Profile from the My Training page (Tracker # 19478)  

It has been noted that when there is more than one AOT in an OLM, the "second AOT" (the AOT listed within the OGLs) is not able to view their own profile on the My Training page. When they select "View Profile" under their profile picture, the page keeps spinning. AOT - to view and edit your profile, please navigate to the 'Edit Profile' page under the Navigation menu. This Support article should help: Edit Profile and Account Settings

Traditional and Simplified Chinese Translations of the Website (Tracker # 18099)  

Update: August 22, 2022 - A large number of incorrect translations of the website were fixed for the Traditional and Simplified Chinese written languages. We acknowledge there are still outstanding translation items that need correction across the website. Thank you for your continued patience as the website developers work to address these.
Our website developers are currently working on fixing the incorrect translations of the website for both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Thank you for praying for them as they work! 

Find a Group Filters Missing Options and/or Completely Gray (Tracker # 17825)  

BSF Online users are finding that when they are logged into their accounts, the Find a Group page filters do not work properly. Some filter dropdowns have no options to select while others are completely gray. 

The workaround is to log out of your account when using the Find a Group page (e.g. when looking for a group for a friend, or to switch to a new group).

General FAQs:

Can’t Log In or have other errors?

First Try using:
Incognito Mode in Chrome or Private Mode in Safari or Private Browsing in Firefox or InPrivate in Microsoft EdgeThis type of private viewing utilizes a temporary folder for history, downloads, cache, and cookies. This data gets deleted when the window is closed thus allowing you to view the latest website updates (cache-cleared browsing) upon launching a new Incognito window.

Last Resort:
Another way is to clear your Internet browser's cache. This forces the browser to utilize the latest website release.
Clear Cache for a Specific Website

You may also try other steps below: 

  1. Ensure your device and browser are at the latest software release Support article: What browser and OS versions does support?
  2. Login at this direct link: LOGIN 
  3. Try a different Internet browser - for example, if you were using Google Chrome, try Microsoft Edge, Safari or Firefox
  4. Try a different device (computer, phone, tablet)
  5. Try resetting your password; see the Support article: Forgot Password
  6. Restart your device

IF you have an issue and your device (PC/Mac/Mobile) is "older", please check to see if the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.) could be updated and, if not, the assumption would be browser support on that device is causing the issue.

Cannot Join or Start Zoom Meeting 

Whether you use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone to join your weekly discussion group from the Join Meeting or Start Meeting (leaders) button on the BSF Online website -- please disable your pop-up blocker on your Internet browser. The following Support articles can help you with this:

Chrome Disable Pop-up Blocker

Safari Disable Pop-up Blocker

If you use a tablet or phone to join your weekly discussion group from the Join Meeting button on the BSF Online website, make sure you have the Zoom application downloaded to your device.

For issues with Zoom, please make sure to update your Zoom client/application and then try again.

Updating Zoom to the Latest Version

Zoom update notification: Users who are running an end-of-life version after May 4, 2024, will be logged out of their Zoom Client (Desktop, Mobile, and VDI) or not be able to join meetings via the Zoom Client until they update.

Not receiving BSF Online emails from addresses 

The BSF Online website (https://www.bsfonline.orguses a email address to send out system-generated emails: (a no-reply email)

The BSF Online Support Desk also uses a email address to respond to users: 

Some users are reporting that they are not receiving the system-generated emails from the BSF Online website and the BSF Online Support Desk. Please “whitelist” or add the bsfinternational email addresses to your contacts as “safe-senders” to stop your email account from blocking these emails as spam. 

Please check other inboxes and categories ("Promotions", "Social") and email folders, including spam/junk.

Missing the required fields on the user profile
To have a better experience with the BSF Online website, ensure you complete all the required fields on your profile. Menu > Edit Profile > Required fields: Gender, Age, Country of Residency, City, Time Zone, Country Code of your Mobile Number, Phone number (only number, without dash)

Thank you for persevering and praying with us as we work to resolve issues, and to overcome obstacles, so God’s Word goes out!