Not Receiving BSF Online emails from addresses 

The BSF Online website ( uses a email address to send out system generated emails. Additionally, the BSF Online Help Desk also uses a email address to respond to users. Some people are reporting that they are not receiving the emails from nor the BSF Online Help Desk. Please “whitelist”, or add as a “safe-sender”, to stop your email account from blocking these emails as spam.  

Cannot Join or Start Zoom Meeting 

Whether you are using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone to join your weekly discussion group from the Join Meeting or Start Meeting (leaders) button on the website -- please disable your pop up/ad blockers on your Internet browser WHILE having the website open. 

If you use a tablet or phone to join in your weekly discussion group from the Join Meeting button on the website -- please also make sure that you have the Zoom application downloaded to your device.

Leaders, see additional Zoom information in the next two sections below.

Leaders’ Zoom Meeting Problems 

Please make sure you do not create your weekly meeting in Your meeting should be generated by The meeting is created in when you press 'Save Changes' on your My Group Settings page (or Leaders Meeting Settings page for OLMs) on 


Start Meeting ‘Broken’: If your Start Meeting button was working and is now ‘broken’, please press Save Changes’ on your My Group Settings or your Leaders Meeting Settings page (no changes are necessary) and this should restore your Start Meeting button. Please also make sure that your pop ups/ads are enabled as noted in the section above.

Leaders' Zoom Password Reset Problems 

Some leaders are having trouble resetting their passwords on their BSF Online Zoom accounts. Here are a couple of workarounds in the meantime:  

  1. If you use a Gmail email address for your BSF Online account, login with the ‘Gmail login option. 
  2. If you have a Facebook account associated with the email that you use for BSF Online, login with the ‘Facebook login option. 
  3. Otherwise, you need to contact Zoom Support to get your password reset: Zoom Support 

Profile Scrambled/Corrupted

A limited number of users have experienced their profile becoming corrupted or 'scrambled'. Meaning, their name and email address has been changed to random characters, letters, and numbers. If this has happened to you, please submit a Help Desk ticket through the "Need help?" button on and we will get your account restored. 

Password Creation or Reset 

Please note that the password can only accept two special characters total (@$!%*#?&) and it works best if these special characters are not right next to each other.  

If you are not receiving the Password Reset email, please try to add to your email account as a "safe sender".   

My Calendar Page 

This page is “under construction” and will have more functionality soon. Thank you for your patience and prayers in the meantime!  

No Lecture Podcast 

If the Lecture Podcast displays on your My Lessons page as 00:00, this is typical. Please press play and the lecture will start.

Delete/Remove BSF Online Account 

Currently we do not have the capability to remove accounts from the website. We will take note of your request and will delete your account as soon as we are able. Thank you for your understanding.  


Thank you for persevering and praying with us as we work to resolve these issues, and overcome the obstacles, so that God’s Word goes out!