Congratulations! You have been recommended as an Assistant Online Trainer (AOT). Please follow the steps below to submit your Leadership Application and to request your Online Leaders Meeting (OLM).  Your OAP and OT will work with you in this process.  Stay in contact with them. 


Note: During this AOT application process there may be some references to ‘OGL’ as currently the same application procedure is used for OGLs and AOTs. 


Follow these instructions if you are not already an Online Group Leader (OGL). If you are an OGL, direct then your OAP/OT will reference these steps: OAP/OT - Add an Assistant BSF Online Trainer  


Submit Leadership Application 

  1. Login to your BSF Online account 
  2. Go to ‘Application & Status’ on the Navigation menu 
  3. Select ‘Edit/Update’, or select ‘Withdraw’ to remove yourself from the recommendation process at any time 
  4. Read the instructions and check the box to acknowledge “I have read and understood the instructions above for the application process.” 
  5. Select ‘Next’ 
  6. Complete all the fields. 
  7. If you would like to complete your application later, you may ‘Save’ at any time 
  8. When you are ready to submit your application, go to the bottom of the final application page. 
  9. Check the box to acknowledge “I submit this Leadership Application having answered to the best of my knowledge and ability.” and type your full name to sign the application. 
  10. Select ‘Submit Application’ 

Request Online Leaders Meeting (OLM)** 

  1. After your Leadership Application has been submitted, you may now make your OLM selection 
  2. Select ‘Request an Online Leaders Meeting’ 
  3. Use Filters or Keyword search to assist. 
  4. Select the blue ‘Join’ button corresponding to your desired OLM 
  5. Select ‘Request to Join’ to confirm your selection. 
  6. If you leave before confirming your OLM selection, you can only get back to the OLM Request page through your application.  
    • Go back to the ‘Application & Status’ page 
    • Click through the pages and submit your application again. Don’t worry! All of your information will still be there in the application.  
    • Follow the steps above 
  7. The OT will then review your application and contact you soon with further instructions on the next steps