BSF Online members and leaders (OTs, AOTs, or OGLs) registration is continuous from study year to study year. Current leaders stay with their OLM or switch OLMs, and their registration in BSF Online continues until they resign. When a leader resigns, their role is changed to Online Member, and they are free to join a BSF Online group or join a local class or satellite group.  


OGLs: Replace or Release 

God calls leaders in, and He calls them out at just the right time. OTs and AOTs work closely with their OGLs to identify a replacement leader for the group. Sometimes, there is no replacement. In that case, the group members are released to choose a new group for the next study. What a great opportunity to learn from and be encouraged by a new group of people from all over the world! 


Important Things to Know: 

  • During this process, the group is made “Private” so no new member can join until the replacement is found. 
  • The OGL communicates their plans and introduces their replacement to the group before the end of the study year. 
  • There must be a leader for that group to remain active in the database. Do not remove the OGL until you have a replacement or until you have released the members. 

Replace Group Leader 

  • OTs and AOTs follow the process in Section 5: Leadership Qualifications for Identifying Potential Leaders and Onboarding New OGLs in the OT/AOT manual.   
  • There is a New Leader Guide in the Appendix of the OGL Manual. 
  • Be careful to follow the OGL replacement process before removing a leader from their role. Reference this article for more information: OT/AOT - Place a Replacement BSF Online Group Leader 

Release Group Members 

  • Any group without a replacement leader belongs to the OT and AOTs as the shepherds of the online class. 
  • You may release the group members at any time but we recommend that you do not hold group members past July 1st so that members have time to join a new group before the new study. 
  • Please notify group members before removing them from the group and assist them with instructions on how to find a new group.  
  • After removing all group members from the group, you can follow the instructions in this article to remove the OGL from the group: OT/AOT - Remove a BSF Online Group Leader 


OTs and AOTs 

Please work with your OAP on the timing and process of these role changes.  



For new and replacement OTs and AOTs: 

1. Follow the process outlined in the OAP Manual to identify and onboard these new leaders.  

2. After the leader is approved: 

For OTs: their role will be changed by HQ after they complete their orientation.

If there is an extenuating circumstance, OAP contacts HQ to determine a different date. 

For AOTs: OAP may change their role at the time coordinated by OT and incoming AOT.

The new AOT will receive an invitation to MyBSF Learning to complete their training. 


For outgoing OTs and AOTs:  

1. OTs: DO NOT remove outgoing OTs. HQ must do this in conjunction with placing the incoming OT to maintain class integrity.  

2. AOTs: may be removed from the OLM by OAP or OT. Change their role to Online Member by using Users Management. This allows them to join a group or move to another BSF leadership role. 


For additional help, please review BSF Online Support Articles or submit a ticket by clicking the “Need Help?” button on any page on the website.