Leaders – If you are a Group Leader moving from an in-person or local BSF class to BSF Online, please read this article here: Leader - Transfer from Local or In-Person to BSF Online


If you are currently in an in-person Bible Study Fellowship class and would like to switch to an Online Group, please follow the steps below:


  1. Contact your Class Administrator* to be inactivated from your in-person BSF class
  2. Login to MyBSF.org
  3. On the landing page, navigate down the page to select the ‘BSF Online’ box (Join our global community exploring God’s Word together)
  4. If prompted, complete the additional required information on the BSF Online Profile page and select ‘Save Changes’
  5. Find a BSF Online Group on the My Group page (Support steps can be found in this article: Find a Group)


*You can ask your current BSF Group Leader to help you contact your Class Administrator, or find your class page by searching here and select the ‘Contact’ button to send a message that you would like to be inactivated.