How Substitute Hosting works:

  • Every meeting has its own pair of meeting links 
    • A Host (or “Start Meeting”) link for the leader to host the meeting
    • A Join Meeting link for participants to attend the meeting
  • The Substitute Leader must use the absent leader's Host (Start Meeting) link; NOT their own


Online Group Leaders (OGLs) and Online Trainers (OTs) can have a Substitute Host lead their weekly discussion groups or Online Leaders Meetings (OLMs) when they are unable to. Please follow the directions below:


  1. Copy your “Start Meeting” (or Host Meeting) link
  2. Send the copied link to the Substitute*
  3. The Substitute Leader clicks on the received link to Start the meeting**
  4. Meeting participants do nothing different from normal


*The substituting leader must be a leader with a Host License.


**By copying and sharing the link on your My Group (OGL) or My Training (OT) page, you are sharing the Host capabilities with your fellow leader. You may also find the Host Link to copy on your My Calendar page. Please read these Support articles for more information: Leader - Host Link vs Participant Link and Leader - Online Meeting Link


Note: The ‘Alternative Host’ or ‘Buddy’ field on the My Group Settings page for OGLs, and the green circles that previously designated Alternative Hosts will not be utilized at this time.

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