Unassigned OGLs and other OGLs (sub buddy/alternate host), AOTs, and OTs may substitute for the OGL.

How Substitute Hosting works:

  • Every meeting has its own pair of meeting links 
    • A Host (or “Start Meeting”) link for the leader to host the meeting
    • A Join Meeting link for participants to attend the meeting
  • The Substitute Leader must use the absent leader's Host (Start Meeting) link; NOT their own


Online Group Leaders (OGLs) can have a Substitute Host lead their weekly discussion groups when they are unable to. Please follow the directions below:


  1. Copy your “Start Meeting” (or Host Meeting) link
  2. Send the copied link to the Substitute*
  3. The Substitute Leader clicks on the received link to Start the meeting**
  4. Meeting participants do nothing different from normal


*The substituting leader must be a leader with a Host License.


**By copying and sharing the link on your My Group (OGL) page, you are sharing the Host capabilities with your fellow leader. Please read these Support articles for more information: 

OGL- Member BSF Online Group Start/Join Links

Leader - BSF Online Leaders Meeting (OLM) Start/Join Links

Best Practices to Substitute BSF Online Meetings