Welcome to Bible Study Fellowship Online where you can do in-depth Bible study anytime and from anywhere.


The following steps will guide you to get started as an Online Group Member:

  • Find a group
  • Create an account
  • Locate lesson materials
  • Invite your friends


Your Online Group Leader will contact you soon to provide group details and which lesson to get started on.

General "About Us" information along with a promotional video may be found here: https://news.bsfonline.org/


Finding a group

To find a group, go to the Find a Group page. Verify your time zone at the top of the web page. The website will convert the group meeting times to YOUR time zone for you.


Use the filter to find available groups based on their meeting day, meeting time, gender, language, and age range. Use these filters to find available groups with qualities that are most important to you. The ‘Keyword Search’ field will help to locate a specific group (e.g. Group Name, Leader Name, Common Interest etc.). Select the ‘Apply Filters’ button to see your filtered information.


Select a group that works best for your weekly schedule and preferences to maximize your availability to attend.


When you select “Join” for a specific group you will be prompted to sign in or create an account.


You can switch groups or leave your group at any time. BSF Online offers the flexibility to change your group when your life changes.


Creating an account

You must use a unique email address to create your account. For example, if you share your email address with your spouse, you cannot create separate BSF Online accounts using the same shared email address. Creating a new email address specifically for your BSF Online account can be helpful.


It is critical to verify your time zone is set correctly. The website converts and displays the times based on your time zone setting. You will see the group meeting times in your time zone. On the create an account page, the website auto-detects your time zone and sets it for you. Please double-check this.


If you need to update your profile at any time (such as upload a profile photo, change your name, time zone or additional information) you may do so under the Navigation menu, Account > Edit Profile. If you need to update your email address or password you may do so under the Navigation menu, Account > Account Settings. Account Settings is also where you will change your Display Language.

Locating your lesson materials

Lesson materials such as the lesson questions, notes, lecture podcast and extras may be found under My Lessons, in the upper right-hand side of the web page. Online Groups can be on different schedules, so be sure to check with your Online Group Leader for which lesson you should be on that week.

Inviting your friends

Under the My Group page you will find the ‘Invite Friend’ option where you are able to enter in your friend’s name and email address. An automated email will be sent to your friend, inviting them to join your group. Please check with your Online Group Leader to make sure there is room in your group for your friend before inviting them.


Please contact the BSF Online Support Desk with any question or concerns here: http://support.bsfonline.org/support/tickets/new