Requirement: A BSF Online Zoom Pro license. See this article for instructions: Leader - Set up your Zoom License

Important! This article is NOT for replacement Online Group Leaders (OGLs), see below**


  1. Login to your account at
  2. Go to 'My Group Settings' under the Navigation menu, My Group > My Group Settings


Complete the following on your My Group Settings page: 


  1. Group Name*
  2. Group Description (Please keep this very brief with no special characters)
  3. Age Range*
  4. Common Interest*
  5. Private Group*
  6. Group Discussion Meeting Time
    1. Day*
    2. Time*
    3. Time Zone*
  7. Spoken Language*
  8. Capacity
  9. Alternative Host
  10. “Save Changes”!


*Required information


Group Name: The following are some examples of Group Names that have been used:

  • Johnson’s Band of Brothers
  • Amazed by God’s Grace - A. Smith


Avoid references to time in your Group Name, such as “9pm” or “Evening” since this varies depending on the time zone of each participant.

Avoid any geographic location unless the group is intended to (primarily) serve residents of a specific city, region, country or area.


Private Group: If you select ‘Yes’, your group will be marked as Private and will not show up on the list of available Online Discussion Groups for members to join.


Time Zone: Please make sure that your selected Time Zone on your ‘My Group Settings’ page matches the Time Zone on your Edit Profile page exactly! 


Capacity: BSF Online recommends a capacity of 15 Online Group Members, which is the default capacity setting. If needed, this number may be increased or decreased.


Alternative Host: Please ‘Find a Buddy’, or an Alternative Host, who can lead your meeting for you when you are unable to lead that week. Currently, this person must be from your Online Leaders Meeting. After selecting a candidate for your buddy/alternative host, email or chat with the person to complete the setup process. When you “Save Changes” the selected Buddy/Alternative Host email will be added to your meeting settings.


What happens when I select “Save Changes”?

  1. A Zoom recurring meeting will be automatically set up for your Online Discussion Group. You can find this passcode protected Meeting Link and Meeting ID/Passcode in your account.
  2. The Start Meeting button on the My Group page will be connected to this recurring meeting in Zoom.

**What do I do if I am a replacement OGL?

Do not set up a group!! The existing group will be transferred to you from the outgoing OGL by your Online Trainer (OT). Please refer to the instructions on the OT/AOT - Place a Replacement Online Group Leader article. If you or your OT have any questions, please submit a ticket through the Need help? button.